Tech to Health, sophisticated copies to creative posts, Blockchain/crypto to travel content writing, Product descriptions to Technical Web Content, Hindi Articles to English blogs – I love exploring all niches. Contact me for all your freelance writing requirements. FYI, I have a soft corner for startups, technologies and my Twitter followers πŸ˜‰


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Content is EVERYTHING when you are seeking to establish your business online. Visuals and videos are, although, necessary for engaging visitors but search engines still love the text (and 80% of your visitors will reach you through search engines). There, you need to work smartly. That’s why I emphasize on building a good action plan or sitemap before actual writing work starts (in case of new businesses, of course). Without an effective content strategy in place, your blog or website cannot grow in this era of throat-cutting competition.


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About me

I am Shivanshi Srivastava [I hate when people say/write my name incorrectly, so read it twice].

Being a Computer Science Engineering Post-graduate and having worked in development domain for a short period of time, tech eventually has become my first favorite niche. The fact that I can easily understand the logic which runs products makes tech a natural competency of mine. So for all your technology-related articles, tech blog writing tasks, IT web content requirements, SaaS product reviews, gadget related content/reviews, Cloud, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency related content and more – You can trust me blindfolded.

Alongside, I have good enough exposure to the major Internet niches, namely – Healthcare, travel, Cloud, Travel, Heath care, e-commerce (Digital selling), Startups, Business, Fashion, Lifestyle, etc.

Next is the photography. It lets me explore the nature and its random amazing sights which are so much invisible but still invisible. So, I like to write for photographers, wedding photographers and everyone else who shares a common space with these domains.

It’s a sure thing that I’ll deliver timely, well-written, high-quality, grammar-wise perfect, Copyscape-checked and plagiarism-free content whenever you hire me as your Freelance Content Writer. For your mind of peace, you can check out my profiles, present on different freelancing platforms.

I am proficient in Blog writing, article writing, web content writing, tech content writing, portfolio content writing, Hindi to English Translations, English to Hindi Translations, How-to Guides, Tutorials, inspirational content creation, service and product description writing mainly. Though, I won’t mind giving try to new niches.

Apart from content writing, you may hire me for Logo Designing, Brand Identity Creation, and other Graphics works.

And, here is a quick list of a very of my clients, which I thought, you would like to explore:

Oxford University Press, IDP Education, Contentmart, Multidots Private Limited, Xtreem Solution, Grofers, GeoITHub, Proprofs, Vrinda Techapps, Kent RO, Pepipost, Techechelons and 200+ more.

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Nature Photography [Follow on Insta]

Coding and finding out how a product works

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