Pulwama Attack – Is our Country Doing Fine?

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An emotional surge has gripped us all after Pulwama Attack. However, thoughts were flowing so fast that I was unable to capture them in the form of text.

The anger towards what happened, the people of the same nationality supporting an enemy nation, biased media sympathizing with terrorists, the liberals trying to distract our attention to their fake narrative, people marching daily to show the unity of our nation, Indians raising funds to support families of martyrs, Twitter banning RW accounts when they express what they feel, boycotts, and a lot has happened in a very short span of time.

We want war, revenge, peace, action on actual terrorists only – A lot is said already. So, I am not going to talk about it anymore. Not in detail, at least. My concern is a bit different. I know we are going to take revenge, and it is essential. I understand it should be pre-planned, so it might take more time than our expectation.

I am just worried about WHAT NEXT?

Army actions may put a pause on terrorist activists, but cannot stop it forever. Don’t we want a permanent cure alongside?

To begin with, this particular thread is something I will agree too.

I agree with Rahul sir. Word to word, as he penned down in the thread. Just three things to add:

1. We, the Indians, have never rejected to accept anyone, who loves the country. Those who are talking nonsense or supporting anti-national forces, only those people are facing issues in other areas of Bharat. Even CRPF India confirmed it. Though angered and in pain, we are still sane and humane.

Next two parts are more like solutions, I propose to the country’s officials.

2. Every one of us, without any differentiation, should be given defense-training in schools. We should be taught to love our country and stand for it when needed.

*Yes, patriotism to be taught.*

3. Islamic texts should either be reformed or DISCARDED. Stop saying it’s not a religious issue. It totally is. Stop thinking from your brain, think from theirs.

A human is what he or she learns, do not expect different behavior.

Mind acts as per how it is conditioned.

Now, you will talk about those exceptional cases, so let me remind you that only those, who could reason better or who were ‘trained’ differently, are patriotic.

We are nothing less than Mushrik or Kafir to ‘well-read’ Muslims. It is the right time to accept this harsh reality.

A religion which doesn’t allow any reasoning, hates everyone, should not exist in its same form anymore. Change comes from within, so THEY need to take this step.

You can’t sit blindly when you know what they are taught.

The main problem here is that Ms are not allowed to question their book and practices, but to strictly follow it. Teaching such people to accept the flaws and adopt good changes is a tough, very tough, job.

No sane person can accept Kashmiris, most of them, with their current mentality and thought process. ACCEPT IT.

Anyway. So the question is HOW to reform the region? Those, who are ‘good’, would already want this reform to happen. And those who are still thinking k sab aise hi chalta rhega, should be forced to understand that BHARATVARSH CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Strict and clear, that’s how our stand should be against terrorism AND what induces it. Pseudo-liberals may cry, calling it communal.

But… Bhay binu hoy na preet!

So, united against everyone who shows the slightest support to anti-nations and fight. This is the time. ?

As of now, just violence against the over-excited anti-nationals can save us. NOTHING ELSE.

However, I wrote it all to remind officials that our armed forces can solve this issue for short-term only.

For long-term peace, we need to end this cycle.

Peace can’t be established without war – A war against this hateful mindset. And the only way to intrude into it is EDUCATION.

Remember how all universities were ruined and texts were burnt when Mughals entered? Remember how Christians decided what we Indians should be taught? You can see the results. First made us forget what we were. Second, made us boast about being inclined towards western lifestyle.

They knew it how to make us feel ashamed of us or follow what they want.

One opted for fast track method, another gave us slow poison.

Both succeeded.

So, this CHANGE WHAT THEY READ method work… In long-term.

Rest can just pause things for a while. Not forever.

Also remember, the people who think like this (tweet in the picture) and celebrate failure (actual or fake) are no less than those who celebrate attack on our brave Jawans.

Their brains are corrupted to the core.


Only a good education system can re-establish peace in Bharat. It should be built as per the soul of our country. We need to include moral, psychological and spiritual elements to it, which is long overdue.

Sanatan is the only way to regain the strength we had once. And, it is inherently secular, flexible, modest and adaptable. It welcomes time-based changes, unlike other texts. It is our heritage, don’t shy away from accepting the history.

Let world call you communal.

Truth is –

Everyone is reading it, researching on it, stealing from it, accepting its knowledge n COMMERCIALIZING it for their gains.

It’s just these ignorant liberals with hollow brains who criticize it, cuz… again, recall what we are taught.

Sometimes it’s good to be selfish. Caring for everyone’s feelings has cost us a lot. And caring for those, who fake the nationality, is the biggest foolishness.

Today, these convent schools are hollowing us from one side and these hate-filled people harming us from another.

Time to go back to roots.

Nothing can save us otherwise. ? ?

Now comes the questions, which we all have in our mind. Good that @Dressedinblac1 asked 🙂

I was also staying back from putting these thoughts, because everything – Even if you make complete sense – will be marked as ‘Hinduism’ when we add it to mainstream academics.

Other countries r white-labeling our knowledge already. We are just afraid to adopt the hard work of our own ancestors, fearing that it will make us a communal nation. Time to own it. And promote it with proud.

Not saying to accept everything from it, but imp parts like Ayurved, Yog, ancient history, Sanskrit, sciences n a lot more can be added. A more ‘Indian’ education system is needed, however.

We need to stay competitive in every field as per current times. So to adopt what adds value, nothing else.

Glad that we agreed to the same time in the end 🙂

Leaving you to brainstorm with these two good long Twitter threads by 

To all fellow Indians, preaching peace and tolerance –

जहाँ बात अस्तित्व की हो, वहाँ आत्मघाती तर्क ना दें तो अच्छा रहेगा । ?



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