अमरकोश.भारत Review: A Comprehensive & Super user-friendly Hindi Dictionary

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The verbal language is what helped humans to gain a higher stratum than any other species. More than just a mere way to express, language displays the human journey all through the years. There are many languages in the world and Hindi has managed to earn a special status.

Hindi is the first language of nearly 43crore people in the world while 12 crore use Hindi as the second language. Hindi is most widely spoken in Bharat i.e. India.  Around 40% population of India speaks Hindi.

Despite such huge popularity, the pure form of Hindi is not known to many. There are many hard-core Hindi words that sound like alien words to a Hindi speaker. It’s is because of the reason that the Hindi language that we use in day-to-day communication is the easier version of Hindi. 

Most of the people think Hindi is fairly easy and can be learned easily. The reality is adverse to this.This is where a Hindi dictionary comes into the picture. With the help of a reliable Hindi dictionary, you can find out the accurate meaning of any Hindi word and learn about its usage in the language.

As today’s world is digital, we have a dictionary website for help. This article gives an honest review of one such reliable websitehttps://अमरकोश.भारत and finds out how it’s a better option than its peers.

अमरकोश.भारत – An Overview

अमरकोश.भारत is a Hindi dictionary website designed to empower the people’s knowledge in Hindi and assist them to learn Hindi in a better and easy manner. The website gives a detailed meaning and different senses of around 1 lakh of Hindi words and helps a person to use the words in right context.

How it compares with other Hindi dictionary websites?

अमरकोश.भारत is not the only Hindi dictionary website on the internet. There are many others as well. Hinkhoj, Shabdkosh, Hindi2Dictionary, etc. are some of the prominent websites in the same category.

However, no other Hindi website dictionary is able to offer such detailed information on the Hindi words as अमरकोश.भारत does. Here are some of the distinct features that are only available at अमरकोश.भारत and set it apart.

Display of part-of-speech and word category

It not only tells you about the meaning of the word but also tells which part-of-speech the word belongs to. Whether it’s a noun, adjective, verb, or adverb, all this information provided for all words.

How it helps?

A word can be used as different parts of speech e.g. विशेष can be used as noun and adjective.A word can have different senses (meaning) also in a given part of speech. Knowing contextual use of words helps to get deeper understanding of language.

Example uses

At अमरकोश.भारत one finds meaning of different senses of a word with one or more examples sentences.

How it helps?

Knowing a Hindi word’s meaning is not enough. One should know how to use in the context. The wrong word usage can change the meaning of the sentence. Provided example use of words ensures that the learner knows how to use the word in the right manner.


At अमरकोश.भारत, you will get to know about the various synonyms of a word’s given sense.

How it helps?

There are many Hindi words that have the same meaning. Knowing those words helps a person to enhance the vocabulary and widen-up the knowledge.

The knowledge of synonyms helps a person to communicate the ideas or thoughts in a diverse manner. If you are writing something Hindi, the use of synonyms will make it more creative and impressive.

What we like about अमरकोश.भारत?

The website has a very user-friendly interface. There is no complex search process. The search bar is available on the top right side of the website.

You can type the Hindi word in English and the website will auto convert it into Hindi. This type of search process enables leaner of all kinds to learn without any complexities.  Even a school kid can find out the right meaning of Hindi words with accurate and detailed information.

The website has an extensive pre-recorded list of Hindi words by letters. This list can be used to enhance knowledge in the Hindi language. If you’re a new learner then you can refer this list to know some new Hindi words and their usage. Such sort of list is available for Marathi and English language on the website.

Unlike other dictionary websites that are full of ads, अमरकोश.भारत offers a clutter-free learning experience.  There are many reviews on Mouthshut about HinKhoj that the website is full of ads, some are even inappropriate as well.

This is not the case with अमरकोश.भारत. Here, you will get an uninterrupted learning experience.

The database is quite extensive is updated on a regular basis. Hence, your knowledge would be relevant to your time.

What we didn’t like?

Well, there is nothing that you won’t like about it. The dictionary website has been designed by full perfection. However, we would like to see some addition and upgrade in the existing version.

For example, they should add some learning games or tests on the website to make learning more fun. Also, Hindi-to-English or English-to-Hindi translation facility should be added. These things will make it more viable and useful.

The Final verdict

अमरकोश.भारत is an ideal way to enhance the Hindi language knowledge without spending a single penny. With the help of this dictionary website, you can become a language expert with a better hold over grammar. You can learn from anywhere and anytime if this dictionary website is by your side. It’s a must-try.


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