Saarthi.Bharat – Road Safety Simplified with Quick Guidance on Conveyance within Bharat!

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The new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill that was passed in Rajya Sabha on 31st July 2019 is a clear indication of the fact that reckless driving and ignorance of the traffic laws and regulations are just not acceptable!

And that is how it is meant to be!

Economic growth and development in India have come with its own side effects. While the number of vehicles on the roads has definitely increased, there has also been a rise in the number of deaths in road accidents due to high-speed vehicles on the newly built highways and expressways. Much of this loss can also be blamed on the lack of driver education and awareness.

Saarthi.Bharat is a commendable effort in the right direction to take care of any kind of matters related to driving on road. Simply put, the portal helps to simplify driving laws to the common public.

Here’s all that सारथी.भारत simplifies:

Driving License

The individuals who are looking to either issue a new driving license or make alterations to an existing one can get all the necessary information here at this portal. The platform integrates most of the RTOs across the country to simplify the processes.

Road (Traffic) Signs

Drivers, old or new can learn about all the different traffic signals and their significance here on Saarthi.Bharat. Identifying the traffic signals and realizing their significance goes a long way in maintaining safety on roads.

Driver Education

There are specially designed courses that are meant to educate the drivers, both new and experienced. These courses aim at making drivers safe and responsible for their job.

Practice Tests

Trying to get a driving license? The portal also has several mock tests that are specifically designed to prepare individuals who have to appear for the written test of driving license at the RTO office.

Safety and Law Violation

One can learn about the laws relating to different matters such as insurance, challan, drinking, and driving, etc. When you are aware of the different laws, you are not just an educated driver but an informed one too who knows what actions are to be taken under different circumstances.

Vehicle Registration

Under this tab, the user can get any information that is related to the registration of a vehicle. Whether it is the registration, the transfer of RC or information about the vehicle or its owner, you can find it all over here!



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